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12 business ideas as a side hustle

“The side hustle”. We are pretty sure you have already heard this phrase. A lot of people especially writers, job seekers, entrepreneurs, etc. use this phrase to describe a side job, or means of making money despite one main form of employment.

People that have full-time jobs and are looking for other ways of making a little extra money are the perfect candidates for part-time side hustles. Those that are working multiple part-time jobs can also benefit from taking on another. We have prepared a list of 12 part-time businesses that are suitable to try as your next side hustle. Let’s start!

Perfume Seller

This business is booming o! It seems that what the girls (and some guys) have been doing lately is buying fragrances and reselling them online. Trust us when we say that this market is huge! Who doesn’t like to smell good??

There are various categories of perfume sellers: those who sell authentic designer fragrances, those that sell copies (affordable imitations), and those who sell perfume oils. Regardless of which category you want to fall under, you will have customers who will patronize; just do your research and find them! Don’t forget to find a source which can supply you without failing! 

Online Thrift Store

If you enjoy shopping, why not make money from it? 

Do you know how much more money you can get from selling thrift clothes online than in the market? People like packaging, so if you don’t mind undergoing the “stress” of going to the market, searching for clothes, pricing,and “packaging”, DO IT! If you go to okrika vendors, you can get a second-hand corporate skirt for as low as N250, and if you wash and iron it properly, you can sell it for N4,000! 

See as dillali is giving you free tips, don’t say we don’t do anything for you!

Fitness Instructor

So, this is a little more tricky. You can’t just wake up and decide to be a fitness instructor. You’d have to live, or at least look the part. Get with the healthy lifestyle, not just preach it. Once you do this, make an online presence on social media, upload a lot of fitness content: workout videos, “magic” routines, meal plans, before and afters, and if you are consistent, you just might be an instructor. You could get fitness brands to collaborate with you, and people who would want you to train them in person or online, for a fee. 

Personal Shopper

Although you might not have heard about this before, there are people that just hate shopping. Whether it is for clothes, groceries or home decor. So you can use this to make someone else’s life easier by doing their shopping for them; and making extra money for yourself. Just like with fitness, make an online presence for yourself and network with people! Especially busy people who would need the extra help.


This may consume time, BUT it is a good way to make money if you can manage your time well. If skilled, you can charge A LOT for your services. Looking good never goes out of style, so you can be assured that this market won’t go dry. 

Local Snacks 

Do you ever crave local snacks like kuli-kuli or awara? 

Bet you do. No be only you! If you search “awara” on Twitter, you’d be surprised to see that a lot of people search for it, and thus, vendors pop out here and there. You could make this a mini-business that you run on the side; you don’t even have to make the snacks yourself! Just organize and resell! 

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CV Writer/Editor

This is a skill that should not be underrated. A lot of people don’t know how to write their resume to get the job they want. If you are good at writing, you can use this skill to work as a freelancer and find people that are willing to pay for this service, you could also prepare cover letters as well. If you are a really skilled writer, then you can freelance and write on different topics as well for pay; you could go on sites such as to search for opportunities. 

Social Media Management 

This is another side hustle that can be done online. If you know how to build and maintain an online presence, generate content, and have patience, explore! You can scout for social media management opportunities by checking social media pages that share job opportunities, or pages that repost new businesses (some struggle to build their followers, free tip!). It does not hurt to try your hands at social media management, you can learn from pages that you admire.

Tutor/ Lesson Teacher

Were you good in a certain subject in school? Are you good at sharing knowledge and think you can help other kids? Then tutoring might be for you. There are a lot of parents that are looking for some help for their children in school to catch up if they are a little behind, or tutors to prepare them for passage exams. Think about doing freelance teaching as a way for earning extra money.


If you have a car and like driving then there are plenty of jobs available to offer your services as a driver. You could find a trustworthy person to help you too, and pay them based on what you agree on. Bolt and Uber are very lucrative if your car and driver are approved. Remember to be safe! 

Food/ Meal Prep

If you like to cook, and CAN (this is very important) cook, then consider opening your own store. You can create a menu, price list, and days in which you deliver food to your customers based on their orders. Did you know that 3 liters of stew can be sold at N15k? No? Now you know! The better your food and service, the more recommendations you will get. So, focus on the delicacies you make best, and make them well!

Hope you find some of these ideas helpful when you are ready to start a side hustle. And remember, networking is essential too. Tell people your intent, spread the word, this is the top way to get customers or employment. If you have other ideas, please share and let us know so we can add to this list.

We wish you luck! Until next time…

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