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9 Tips To Deal With Stress At Work

Having stress at work is something that is getting more common. And we all know that it affects us, most significantly our health. Its consequences can vary from the simplest, like having more colds and the flu (constant malaria), but then to very serious like metabolic syndrome and heart disease. 

It is hard to find low-stress work (actually impossible). Unfortunately, that is the reality, so the thing we can do is just implement some effective strategies that will help us reduce the stress at work. 

So that is why we decided to take a look at 9 tips that will help you to deal with stress at work. 

1. Good start to your day 

If you are already stressed in the morning, you will be probably stressed at work as well. Imagine having to feed the children, then take them to school, then get stuck in traffic, then get late at work, and have only coffee instead of a healthy breakfast. (Uh, it already sounds stressful for me). Having this kind of morning will make you stress at work too. 

You will be surprised how you can change all this by just having the right morning. (Quiet morning if possible). The solution is to plan your time and everything you need to do first. Then have a good breakfast and maintain your positive thoughts. The stress at work will be off your back!

2. Always know the expectations 

Among the factors that may cause your job burnout is not knowing what to do. What is expected from you to do or do you know the exact requirements? If things keep changing and you get a feeling of being lost, then that is a good reason for having a lot of stress.  

 If you find yourself in this kind of situation, then we suggest talking to your supervisor and share your thought and expectation. It may bring relief for both sides! 

3. No conflict

Having a conflict with your co-workers can be difficult to handle sometimes, especially since it leaves a mark on your physical and emotional health. Try to avoid it as much as possible. 

Don’t share too many of your personal thoughts on politics or religion, since those are a sensitive subject that results in arguments. If you hear any gossip…RUN! And try to smile at office humor (even it is not funny, we get it, but a smile makes everything better :D). It is important to handle conflict situations properly so that you stress less.

4. Be organized

You need to start planning so that you can reduce the stress at work, even if you are a disorganized person by nature. It can only help you. So start organizing your time so that you are not late or always in a rush to end the day properly. 

You will be more relaxed and more efficient with your work by just making a small effort for better organization. 

5. Feel comfortable

You may be surprised now! But another stressor at work is physical discomfort. You may get stressed by even sitting at your desk!  

If you are spending a short time there, you won’t even notice that. But since you are practically living in that chair while at work, it is important to be comfortable. Why? The first example is back pain. And there you are, stressed like hell. 

Then another thing, NOISE. The office noise can be so annoying and distracting that may make you frustrated in a second. So if possible, make some efforts to change the workspace to a quiet and comfortable one. 

6. Multitasking is a thing of the past

Multitask- or do everything in one day (more like in an hour, yeah) Although this was first considered to be a good thing and benefit for the employees, now things have changed. 

Let’s put it this way. If you are talking on the phone and at the same time making some calculations on your computer, you will realize that your accuracy and speed are going down. Let’s be real, your focus will be split doing two different things at the same time. 

So, for most people, this is not a good option. Try to focus on one task after another, you will find your most efficient way of working for a very short time. 

7. Have walks for lunch break

You can lower your physical and mental stress of work if you start exercises that are doable for the lunch break. Just take a walk to relax. Of course, if your schedule allows it. It will make you feel better, return in a good mood, and your shape will get better (cheers to that!).

8. Pause perfectionism a little bit

Being a perfectionist can sometimes be a bad thing rather than a good one. For you and the people around you. 

Imagine this, you being unable to finish something since it is not perfect for you, especially on a very busy day. (Oh boy! It will be messy). So try to avoid the perfectionism trap by making a strategy. Always try to do your best and congratulate yourself for the efforts made that day. You will have less pressure meaning less stress at your back now! 

9. Listen more music

People are not aware of how many benefits there are from just listening to good music. 

Start your day or make your breakfast with the motivational and cheerful song you like. You will lift your mood at the start. Then, after the work is done, combat the stress from the long day with some good music or a podcast on your way home. It will make you less stressed at home. 

After reading all this, there’s one more thing at the very end: It is all up to you!

You need to make that change you need! Just by making a small change each day, you will get there for sure! So c’mon let’s do this! And you can thank us later :]

We hoped you enjoyed this post for something we all experience each day. 

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Till next time…(now enjoy your day stressless!)

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