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The story behind dillali
Create and manage all your financial records on the go!

The burden of managing a growing business’s financial records usually falls on the owners, which is a painstaking process they deal with every single day.

We understand that frustration all too well. This is why we created dillali.

Dillali is designed to be that assistant for the small business owner who requires an efficient way to manage records.

We want to be the platform that supports small businesses in creating a digital process for managing invoices and inventory. This is our mission and we will achieve it.

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Who is dillali for?

business owner

Business Owners Run your business with ease when it comes to seeing your numbers.

Automatically calculate revenue, payments owed, taxes and reports.


Accountants Service multiple clients and reduce your processing time by 80%.

Your clients can record all their financial transactions on dillali, making it seamless for you to manage, download as well as create a chart of accounts fast and easy.


Freelancers As a freelancer, you have clients from all over the world!

Easily bill your clients in multiple currencies, keep track of all your invoices, payments and outstandings all in one place.