Dashboard Wireframes: Done!

We have been working on completing the first part of our platform, with the invoice section almost ready for use. Yesterday, the team began working on developing the platform’s dashboard section and we completed the wireframes. This will guide the development team on creating a functional dashboard that should meet our customer’s needs.

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The dashboard is one of the key features of dillali.com, where you can view summary of your business activities as it relates to your invoices and inventory management. At this point, the dashboard will have the following features:

  • Total invoices generated
  • Upcoming invoices
  • Payments received
  • Customers
  • Expenses
  • Invoice history (Week, Month, Quarter, Year)

We are focusing on the functionalities for now, while we continuously improve the platform. We hope to complete the dashboard in three weeks and should be ready for testing and debugging immediately after.

Dillali is a an invoice and inventory management platform for micro and small businesses, who are seeking a simple and easy solution to improve the way they manage their business processes.

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