invoicing software vs invoicing templates

Invoicing Software vs Invoicing Templates. Which one is better?

As a small business, we must ask you how do you invoice your clients for your services or products?

If your answer is with a free invoice template found on the internet or created by yourself, we totally understand. However, we must tell you some news here. These templates are a thing of the past now! Each day more and more people switch to using an online invoicing tool. These tools despite just having the invoice template you need, have also other features that you may use and the best thing is that they come free, as soon as you don’t need the advanced features plan that you have to pay for.

So here comes our second question. Have you already tried any invoicing tool? If the answer is “No”, just continue reading this blog post and by the end of it, you will change your opinion, we guarantee. And if you answered “Yes” here (but maybe you are not satisfied), the same goes for you too, keep on reading to see what we have to write on this.

Alright then, we’ll start by summing up things on why is it better to choose invoicing software rather than only an invoicing template. Let’s dive in.

Calculations made easy

Do you have the problem of getting the right calculations or making mistakes in calculating VAT and other charges? What about applying discounts? Or even entering payments? This is the biggest value invoicing platforms provide you. It is not only quick, but everything is in the right place and your mistakes are reduced and even eliminated.

You can use it from anywhere and anytime

Having invoicing software gives you the freedom to access your information anytime from wherever you are. All of the invoice details are saved automatically on data servers so you can quickly just create and access your list of invoices anytime and any day, at the supermarket line, or while waiting for your lunch to arrive, or at the beach. Yeah, literally from anywhere.

You can customize your invoices

When using invoicing software, you can customize the invoice according to your needs. Customisation makes you unique, professional and up to date. Additionally, most of these invoicing solutions offer multiple currencies for you to bill customers globally.

It is a safer option

All of your records are safely backed up and stored on the cloud so you don’t have to be afraid of losing something important. Also, you are safe even if your computer breaks down. There are no duplications, so you don’t have to worry about “saving as…” or saving over existing files. 

Always updated

You don’t need to research the current accounting or invoicing regulations, since the invoicing software is always updated in compliance with the regulatory changes.

It is a lot faster option

It takes a long time to make your invoice from the scratch. With an invoicing app, it is fast since you have saved all of your data for the clients and payment. Also, once you have invoiced the client you can save all of the data in your database and just retrieve it the next time you need it.

Usually, these tools are created to be easy to handle, having a drop-down menu and calculating automatically discounts, taxes, and the total amounts.

Collection of payment is easier as well

Some tools enable you to add the payment method on the invoice itself, such as online payment, mobile money or PayPal. So, your customer can pay by just clicking on it even from a mobile device. So simple and easy, right?!

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It looks professional

Providing a professionally-looking invoice makes your brand look professional as well. And you will get that by using invoicing software. The invoices are clear making it easy for the customer to find everything needed at first glance.

The possibility for mistakes is lower

When you are writing an invoice and you need to enter all of the information every time you start, then the typing errors increase. This can cause delays in the payment since you will need to correct the mistake and send the invoice again.

This doesn’t happen with invoicing software. You are just retrieving the saved information from the system, you are not retyping anything, so the possibility for mistake is almost equal to zero.

It gives you an overview of everything

It is really time-consuming to track everything, especially who has paid and who still owes you. So the invoicing tools have you covered on this. You have an overview of all of invoices and statuses, and you can also get an insight into which one of your clients pays regularly or which products are selling best for example.

Reminders and notifications

One of the most practical features is being able to send automated payment reminders to your clients until they pay the invoice. Some invoicing solutions also provide a notification when your client has received and paid your invoice. Awesome, right? You will always be up-to-date with everything for your business.

To wrap up

Different invoicing tools provide different features. And if there is one thing that COVID-19 taught us is to adopt digitalization. Now, we believe you have changed your mind and you are interested in trying out an invoicing tool (Outstanding!).

So here comes Dillali. Our invoicing tool enables you to easily track your income and expenses. It is the perfect solution for your business so that you manage your clients, invoices, and payments in one place. One more thing dillali does is that you can manage your expenses to provide a 360 overview of your business performance. Cool right?

You can explore more on or if you prefer meeting us we are always available for a talk here.

Stay safe and keep an eye on your business!

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