Should you use Excel for Invoices? Here is what we think

When you start using Excel for creating quotes, invoices, and receipts, you may find it so simple. But this will serve you well in the short term. 

A lot of SME businesses start to use excel since they think of it as a professional tool (which is true btw). However, when it comes to these kinds of features, among which is organizing your invoices, then it is not the most suitable long-term solution, unfortunately.

So you have to ask yourself, why start using it, when you’ll reach a point when you will need to stop?

If you are one of those excel users and you are wondering if you should try any invoicing platform instead, then hear us say YES! Big YES! 

And of course, we now need to tell you the reason for that. Actually, there are more reasons.

You have to learn to use it properly

Not so many people are actually skilled in using software like excel. Excel is not a thing you can learn overnight. You need proper training so that you can figure things out.

This means spending time educating yourself about the proper usage of the platform. In short term, waste time that you could use to do other activities for your business.

Also, if you need any help with your finances, your key point for hiring people will be their familiarity with excel, which is a big thing actually. 

You can learn it with time of course, however in the meantime that will mean more costs for you.

There is the possibility of making mistakes

No matter if you are a beginner or if you have previously had some experience in working with excel, there is always a possibility for human errors.

The reason for that is because you enter the values manually. So if you make mistake, it will take you a pretty long time until you find it.

This means lower productivity and also can cause more damage if you don’t notice it on time and have an inaccurate invoice at the end.

Customization can cause you more harm than good

One of the features in Excel is the customisation of the sheets. However, this can be a problem itself. You are wondering how? Here is an example:

You are hiring a person that is an Excel power user and that person makes changes in your formulas, pivot tables, macros, and VBA scripts.

So, the question here is, do the others know how to operate with this?

And imagine the worst thing now, that person leaving the company without providing proper training to the next person.

Trying to restore or redo the excel sheets from the beginning is your worst nightmare you don’t even want to think of. So, having customisations of this kind may actually turn out to be more harm than good for your company.

Not enough control

Usually, in most companies, the excel sheets are shared with other team workers and they also do their updates there. So, when the sheet comes back to you again, it has hours of work added to it.

But, think of this. What will you do if there is a big mistake?

There are several things that you can do. The first one is to restore the sheet to the previous version, but this means losing the work of your team workers and probably will have to do it all over again.

Then, another possibility is to start updating the excel manually, which will probably take you the whole day.

Or, the last option is having two versions of the excel sheet, however, people will get confused for sure.

So, what we can conclude from this point is that none of the mentioned options is acceptable.

No consistency

As you already know, the sheets in excel are not standardized, which means that there will be no consistency in your work here.

Imagine having confusing spreadsheets all over the place, does it sound terrifying enough?! 

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Mobility is not the best

Have you tried to update something on an excel sheet from your mobile? Our guess is no here.

And the reason for that is that the excel files are too large to be opened on mobile. Another challenge here is working with so many numbers on so small screen. Sounds like mission impossible to us.

No data collected

Your invoices and spreadsheets can tell you a lot about your business. However, if you don’t have standardized reports, then you will be just guessing things around.

If you are just trying to figure things out, you are wasting your time.

So, the best recommendation we can give here is to have a system that can give you sales and expense reports so that you can fully see where the finances are going.


Yes, you can lose a lot. Have ever faced this problem where you want to quickly prepare a new invoice and you open a previously prepared file to use as a template? But when saving, you forget to use “Save As”? If you are lucky, you can use the undo command. If not so lucky like me, the previous data is lost forever. Sucks right? This is one major challenge with using a system like excel for such processes. 

The best option for you instead of excel

So now that we have pointed some of the disadvantages of using excel, it is time to mention all of the advantages that you can get from the better option – using an invoicing tool.

Just by doing small research, you will discover that there are a lot of invoicing tools that are better than excel in business finances.

So, let’s point out some things that you should look for:

Easy to use

You should choose an invoicing platform that is user-friendly. You need to be able to see the dashboard easily and navigate around with ease.

That is why so many people register on dillali.

Prevents costly mistakes

We all understand that human error can happen. However, here it is hardly the case. You need to find a platform that is using templates, so all you need to do add the information required.

This way you will be accurate and fast. Sounds simple, right?!

Professional Invoice

All brands, especially early businesses, want to be remembered as very professional. What more to expect than from the invoice itself? You will need a professional-looking invoice and you get precisely that by using an invoicing tool.

Get paid through the platform

A lot of platforms actually allow receiving payments online. With dillali you can send the invoice directly to your clients via WhatsApp.

Then they can open it and pay the invoice by using a different payment platform.

This feature makes it easier to receive payments.

Track your expenses

By using the right tool, you can track your business expenses with ease. Sometimes there are a lot of things you need to buy for preparation, sometimes you need to use your own vehicle, so any kind of expenses can be seen depending on the business. DIllai enables you to add this with just a few clicks. No time wasted here.

Use it anytime anywhere

All platforms are storing their data on a cloud. So, this means that you can always access your files without downloading them.

You can operate from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. And the same goes for your workers, access anytime from anywhere. The only thing necessary here is an internet connection.

Now, are you ready to switch from excel to an invoicing platform?

Join the millions of SME businesses that are adopting these new platforms. Using an invoicing platform will make your life easier. No formulas, no long spreadsheets, and no errors.

So check out dillali.com today. Create your first free invoice with us and start your transformation.

If you still have any doubts or unanswered questions, we will be more than happy to talk with you.

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